Outstanding Cedar-Built Gazebos

YardLine is widely renowned for its high quality, idyllic recreational structures; available exclusively to Costco members through Costco.com.

Located in Southeast Michigan, Yardline creates upscale, stylized gazebos. Each of the YardLine gazebos are crafted from tight-knot cedar; known for its warm, eye-catching glow, and for its natural resistance to rot and termites. Their gazebo selection includes two classical structures; the Belclair 10’ and Belclair 12’.

The Belclair 10’ size is perfect for relaxing, sunlit afternoons sipping lemonade, writing in your journal, or potting new seedlings. The Belclair 12’ is ideal for memorable family picnics, wedding or graduation ceremonies, or even an incredible spot to practice your yoga exercises, write in your journal, or sip a mug of hot chocolate on a crisp autumn morning.

These simple, elegant structures are accentuated by a peaked, shingled roof with a metal cap and wooden finial, and decorative spindle siding. You can choose to add a stylish cupola to your gazebo for added romantic flair; and select accessories like wooden benches, tables, and flowerboxes that make your gazebo your own.

With over forty years of proven success, and a dedication to customer satisfaction; at YardLine, you can count on truly outstanding results. Now, your backyard is a haven where you can relax, socialize, and make memories that last a lifetime.

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