Deluxe Pine Wood Play Sets

Backyard Buildings offers high quality swing sets that are packed with value and brimming with adventure for your kiddos. Founded in 1978, Backyard Buildings’ play sets are renowned for their combination of world-class quality and innovative design.

This exceptional brand provides convenient onsite delivery and outstanding professional installation – so you can rest easy knowing your play set is crafted and constructed by industry experts.

Backyard Buildings offers four unique play set designs, each built from the highest quality, factory-stained pine wood. These play sets are crafted with wood that is bigger and thicker than ever; making for a strong and durable build, and ensuring a final product that is safer and sturdier for your child’s backyard playtime.

Every Backyard Buildings swing set features a 3-position swing beam; allowing youngsters to swing side by side with their best friends, and leaving room for a specialty swing on the side. These deluxe sets also come with a spacious lookout tower with a brightly colored canopy roof, and a whole variety of customizable elements like slides, sandboxes, monkey bars, and climbing walls.

Backyard Buildings truly matches quality with fun; giving your children a beautifully constructed play set that provides a haven of imaginative play, exciting exploration, and unforgettable wonder for your youngsters.