Customers first. Always.

Excellent customer service: every time, all the time!
Customer trends and feedback drive our strategy and business model
Great products + great service = Happy customers

Total quality management. Everywhere.

For all products and services: it’s how we treat our customers from start to finish
A world-class LEAN production culture: thumbs up, good to go!
Apply LEAN everywhere: On the concrete and the carpet
Our facilities are “neat and clean”: 5S “+” a safe work environment

Manage the numbers. Measure and improve.

“Measuring is Knowing”: keeping our finger on the pulse
Drive accountability in the entire organization
Lean Daily Management System (LDMS) is our culture: simple metrics “red/green”,
visual display boards, sharing with our teams, DAILY!

Speed, execution, and simplicity. Get it done!

Act now and get it done!
Not making a decision “is” making a decision
Ask yourself: Can I explain this to a child? If not, simplify!

People make it happen. Grit and passion.

Team work, trust, and respect for each other
“Silos” are not allowed: collaborate!
“Speak up”: your opinion matters!
Empowered to make decisions: make a difference!
Accountable for what we do: don’t blame others
Pay for performance